Out Of The Box Photography Site/

I created this site for a friend from school, Megan Kibby. When we graduated, she began dabbling in photography. One thing led to another. She now has quite the business... and for good reason. She's absolutely awesome. (On a side note, Megan photographed my sister's wedding, as shown in some of the mockups below.)
Megan came to me with the branding already in place. So it was an easy starting off point for me. Her logo was composed of four rounded squares. I tried to work this into my web layout.
Everything on the site is very modular, free-floating, and gridded. I wanted to keep things simple so that her photography would really be the focal point.
Although, I wasn't initially sold on her brand colors... I found that the yellow worked nicely with her photography style. She will often process photos in a slightly vintage style, with the muted, warmer tones dominating the photo.