Daphne Perfume Branding

Daphne is a perfume that fuses natural radiance with feminine allure.  ...So in order to communicate these specific qualities, I chose to reference the Greek myth of a beautiful, young woman who was transformed into a laurel tree by the gods... as a metaphor of sorts.
All of the graphics for this brand portray the exact moment of metamorphosis, when Daphne becomes both a woman and a tree.  The bottle is shaped like an opening laurel bud, with the petal taking on the form of a woman.  My print ad depicts a woman wearing a dress of flowers and vines that transforms her into a tree.

Gonzo Pet Care Products

The brand, Gonzo, contains all of the products required to take care of the less attractive aspects of pet care.  I took a clean modern approach to these products in order to unify its variety of containers.  The cartoons on each bottle relate to that product's particular purpose.